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Lighter, healthier, tastier sweets. Specialising in pastries that are sugar free, with reduced sugar content, vegan and gluten free

My pastry journey began 20 years ago when I became so fascinated with French Pastry Art during my travels in Europe, that I decided to dedicate my life to it. I've had a successful career in hospitality industry both in Europe and NZ,  with pastry being my life long passion. In the recent years, there has been a huge shift in our perception of healthy nutrition, we became much more aware of the effects harmful foods such as sugar have on our bodies, we know how devastating the global warming and over farming have been. That's why two years ago I started to adapt my recipes in order to offer healthier, but still delicious and visually beautiful dessert options to the growing vegan, sugar free and gluten free markets. I was stunned to discover that plant based recipes are able to offer much cleaner, more beautiful and lighter taste. And that's how and why Boom Desserts came to life. I hope you, my customers (vegan or not), enjoy my creations. Please, get in touch if you have any feedback or questions. I will be also running a blog here where I will share some recipes and new ideas.

Today, pastry art for me is not just about passion any more, it's about finding balance between passion and challenge.


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